Boston Startups Hiring This September


Brightcove is video platform developer looking for a range of positions , including a benefits manager, content producer, DevOps engineer, video production manager and more.


Boston based, DataDog develops performance monitoring software. They are currently looking for a remote sales representative and engineers. 


Launched in 2012, Draft Kings is the fantasy sports company. They have 51 openings in their financial district headquarters for positions like copywriter, on-camera talent, software engineer and more. 


Drizly is a wine and liquor company delivering beer, wine and liquor in an hour or less to customers. Currently looking to hire a senior DevOps engineer, customer experience representative, account manager, business development representative and inside sales professional.

Hollister Staffing

This Boston-based agency connects professionals with positions in technology, accounting and finance. 


Klaviyo is a social media marketing agency which works with e-commerce brands to increase their brand awareness through email and social media. They have 28 positions ranging from customer success, data science, engineering, finance, marketing and sales.


Pluralsight is a education start up looking for a director of engineering, data scientist and UX Designer.


SimpliSafe is a home security company based in Boston. The are working hard to make home security more affordable and less complicated. Currently looking for marketing, engineering and finance professionals. They are also offering internships to students. 


Is a new technology company for restaurant operations. Their tech combines a number of restaurant operations into one platform and streamlines the service whilst monitoring sales in real time. The company is aiming to fill multiple positions for accountants, engineers, customer success professionals, and more.


Wayfair is the e-commerce platform now world renowned and  one of the city’s fastest growing and most prominent companies. It is looking for  Marketing, finance, engineering and sales professionals to start immediately. 


Brex - The first corporate card for startups

Pedro Franceschi (left) and Henrique Dubugras are the cofounders of Brex. 

Pedro Franceschi (left) and Henrique Dubugras are the cofounders of Brex. 

Brex is the new San Fransisco based startup providing corporate credit cards to startups. The startup has raised a total of $57 million in funding from Peter Thiel, Y Combinator and early Facebook investor Yuri Milner. 



Apple will contribute over $350 billion into US economy over the next five years

Earlier this year Apple announced that it will be contributing $350 billion into the US economy over the next five years. 

The investments will concentrate on three areas: direct employment by Apple, spending and investment with Apple’s domestic suppliers and manufacturers, and the digital App Store economy.

Ony $75 billion of that total number will come from capital expenditures, new investments in manufacturing, and its repatriation tax payment. The rest of the number is due to normal growth and spending.

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented in the announcement that “We believe deeply in the power of American ingenuity, and we are focusing our investments in areas where we can have a direct impact on job creation and job preparedness. We have a deep sense of responsibility to give back to our country and the people who help make our success possible.”

South Korean Fintech Firms to File Complaint Against Apple

Photo Credit:  iPhonedigital

Photo Credit: iPhonedigital

Financial technology companies in South Korea are planning to take Apple to court over its plans to block rivals from using near field communication (NFC) for mobile devices. The complaint will be lodged with the Korean Fair Trade Commission and the fintech firms will aim to prove that Apple’s restricting of its programming interface effectively blocks rival firms from using NFC. The firms argue that this creates an unfair advantage with regards to financial services. Apple offers NFC support for its mobile devices, but requires that the feature must be used with Apple Pay, which in turn denies consumers from using NFC or mobile payments for services which do not accept Apple’s format; for example when paying for public transport. 


Ericsson Partners With Google and Intel for Pay TV

Photo Credit:  Helio Loureiro

Photo Credit: Helio Loureiro

The electronics and communication firm announced a partnership with Google, to allow Android TV boxes to work with its own MediaFirst platform. The integration will provide an additional pathway to extend MediaFirst cloud-based TV services, including 4K-UHD live TV channels, video-on-demand, catch-up TV and cloud DVR. Ericsson will also partner with Intel to develop Cloud based systems. Combined research centres will explore joint innovation around video processing, Cloud infrastructure and mobility.  Intel and Ericsson are already working in tandem to develop 5g technologies.


Samsung Shares Plummet After Galaxy Recall

Photo Credit:  Isriya Paireepairit

Photo Credit: Isriya Paireepairit

Korean electronics firm Samsung depreciated by £11 billion as its shares plummeted after recalling 2.5 million units of its mobile device. The recall came after 35 devices spontaneously caught fire due to a fault with the supplied battery. Users have been asked to deactivate their devices and exchange them for an updated version. “Some said initially the Galaxy Note 7 could be the best smartphone ever, but now it’s possible the phone will go down as the worst ever,” Saifd Lee Seung-woo, an analyst at South Korean bank IBK Securities. Samsung shares have fallen by almost 7%.


Google to Buy Cloud Firm Apigee for $625m

Photo Credit:  Niharb

Photo Credit: Niharb

Google announced on Thursday that it will acquire the cloud storage firm as part of plans to expand its reach into cloud technology. San Jose-based Apigee provides software to help corporations transitioning to cloud based storage. According to Google Cloud Computing’s Diane Greene "They are a leader in this application programming interface area.” Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and others are competing for a share of the fast-growing corporate cloud computing business. Apigee supports a client base of high profile businesses, Including AT&T, Burberry Group Plc, Vodafone Group Plc and the World Bank. Google’s takeover of the firm will allow them to close the gap on its competitors.



Dell Acquires EMC corp in $60m Deal

Photo Credit:  Dale Moore

Photo Credit: Dale Moore

Dell confirmed on Wednesday that it has finalised the largest technology merger in history. Computer storage firm, EMC will now become Dell EMC as part of the newly renamed Dell Technologies. The acquisition now makes Dell the world’s largest privately owned technology firm, with an estimated $74 billion revenue. "We feel very well positioned both in the new areas of technology and in the existing areas of technology today,” CEO Michael Dell, Dell Technologies. It has also been reported that Dell Technologies will be cutting between 2,000 - 3,000 jobs following the takeover, however no official comment has been made at this stage.





Tech Giants Want To Alert Users When Authorities Access Their Data

Photo Credit:  Zsoolt

Photo Credit: Zsoolt

Apple, Amazon and Google parent Alphabet, have all backed Microsoft’s legal bid to alert customers when federal agents have requested their digital data. The legal challenge, filed in federal court in Seattle, questions whether it is constitutional for the authorities to prevent firms from alerting users to data snooping. Microsoft also received support from four former U.S. attorneys and a former special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The companies supporting Microsoft have said that they “often compete vigorously with each other,” but they now“speak with one voice because of the singular importance of this case to them and to their customers.”


Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 Over Exploding Batteries

Photo Credit:  Jamie McCall

Photo Credit: Jamie McCall

The electronics company has recalled its flagship device after finding a fault with the supplied battery. The Galaxy Note 7 was launched on the 19th of August, and issues came to light after several users in the US reported that the device caught fire during charging. 35 cases have now been confirmed "There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process'' said the president of Samsung's mobile business, Koh Dong-jin. Samsung have promised existing customers that they will be able to swap their device for a new version. The recall comes shortly before Apple are due to unveil the next generation iPhone.


Scottish Firm Delivers Tidal Power to the Grid in ‘World First’

Photo Credit:  Liam Byrnes

Photo Credit: Liam Byrnes

Nova Innovation says it has successfully delivered power by turbine based systems in the Shetland Isles. The group said its technology marks an advancement in harnessing the renewable source of energy. The Shetland Isles project currently consists of an array of two turbines, with three more to be constructed in a project worth £3.6m. They also claimed that the project will eventually supply enough power for 300 houses. The installation is small compared to offshore wind farms, but it is believed the predictable nature of the strong UK tides could eventually supply 12% of its electricity requirements.  Tidal power firms have previously been reliant on government subsidies, but investors are increasingly showing interest as advancements are made in the field. The government has launched a review of tidal lagoon power headed by former UK energy minister Charles Hendry, which is due to be published later this year.


Apple Ordered to Pay 11bn After Tax Investigation

Photo Credit:  Sabin Paul Croce

Photo Credit: Sabin Paul Croce

The EU has ruled that Apple’s tax arrangements in Ireland were illegal and the tech giant has been ordered to pay €13bn in unpaid taxes to the Irish government. A tax agreement between Apple and Ireland, that allowed the company to pay as low as 0.005% on its European profit was anti-competitive. The firm has been under investigation for 2 years, following efforts to clamp down on tax avoidance by large corporations. Europe’s competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said: “this decision sends a clear message. Member states cannot give unfair tax benefits to selected companies, European or foreign, large or small.” Apple has made £36.5bn in profits last year, so the order represents just over 100 days of its profits.


Silicon Valley Startups Tighten Up to Avoid Crash

Photo Credit:  Patrick Nouhallier

Photo Credit: Patrick Nouhallier

Silicon valley startups appear to have avoided a predicted crash, by streamlining production and cutting unnecessary expenditure. Last year, many investors and tech specialists were convinced that the industry boom of recent times had seen huge gains for startups that could not possibly be maintained and that a crash was imminent. It was thought that startups would over expand and thus eventually crash. Companies responded by making staff cuts, simplifying their product lines and removing staff perks.  “The start-up world did heed the warnings,” said Max Levchin, a former employee and co founder of PayPal.


Microsoft Acquires AI startup Genee

Photo Credit:  Mike Mozart

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

The IT giant announced this week that it has acquired the firm as part of a wider effort to imbed more artificial intelligence (AI) in its products. Genee is a virtual assistant app that competes with Apple’s Siri, using chat bots and a decision making algorithm to schedule meetings between users and groups. It can potentially be integrated with Microsoft’s own Cortana virtual assistant, which competes with Siri and Google Now, both of which already have enhanced scheduling capabilities. Vice president of Microsoft's Outlook and Office 365 business, Rajesh Jha, explained that Genee is a startup that provided a virtual assistant for scheduling appointments and the acquisition will help building new Office 365 productivity services and capabilities. Genee was founded in 2014 by Ben Cheung and Charles Lee, both of whom will now join Microsoft.


Drone Startup Raises $20million

Photo Credit: Peter Linehan

San Francisco based startup DroneDeploy secured $20 of investment to fund the expansion of their drone data management platform. The firm aims to help businesses get drones into the air. DroneDeploy’s technology is already used in 130 countries, across various sectors. The platform allows users to plan flights, pilot drones and create detailed 3-D maps.

Scale Venture Partners led the investments and founding partner Rory O’Driscoll will take a board seat with DroneDeploy. “DroneDeploy’s software can enable anyone from the smallest business to the largest corporation in the world to get commercial value out of drones” the investor said.


Apple Acquires Health Sector Startup Gliimpse

Photo Credit:  David Allsop

Photo Credit: David Allsop

Gliimpse provides a data platform that allows users to collect and share a portrait of their health data. The Silicon Valley based firm was founded in 2013 by Anil Sethi and Karthik Hariharan and is thought to be Apple’s first acquisition in the healthcare sector. The platform is intended to facilitate easier sharing of a client's medical records between healthcare professionals. Sethi, “There’s no single Electronic Health Record that all physicians use. Worse, there isn't even a common file format across a 1000+ systems.” It is unclear how Apple plans to utilise this technology, but it is thought that it indicates a desire for the firm to move further into healthcare technology, having already developed HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit apps that allow users to view and store health data. Apple has yet to announce the deal.







Therapy Box Awarded Best Digital SME at Talent Unleashed Global Awards

Francesco Costarelli, Global Winner Best Digital SME with Woz.jpg

London based Therapy Box  was the only UK firm to receive an award at this year's Talent Unleashed Global Awards. The start-up provides mobile speech and communications solutions to assist people with learning difficulties, such as those with dyslexia. Apple co-founder and supporter of the awards, Steve Wozniak stated: “We often suffice with ‘adequate’ – any voice will do. But Therapy Box focuses on the person and their own voice. Technology should adapt to let humans be humans, not vice versa. What a beautiful concept." 

Talent Unleashed Global is an awards ceremony hosted by IT and recruitment firm, Talent International. The awards aim to celebrate start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming business through technological innovation. Therapy Box representatives now have the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley for a tour of leading technology companies and a consultation with Wozniak himself.

“The Talent Unleashed awards represent people who have had ideas, started companies and created products that either do good for society, help people and give us more in our life.”  

- Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak



Amazon Plans Cheaper Music Service Exclusively for its Own Hardware

Photo Credit:  Guillermo Fernandes

Photo Credit: Guillermo Fernandes

Amazon is planning to launch a subscription service that will be half the price of rival services provided by Apple and Spotify, but will only be compatible with its Echo portable speaker system. The service would launch in tandem with a full price package that would allow users to play music on any device. It represents a shift in approach by music streaming providers, as rivals Pandora are also planning a two-tiered release for their own subscription service. The plans go against the conventional wisdom of the industry, as Spotify report that most of its users download the service onto mobile phones - an option Amazon subscribers would not have without paying an enhanced fee. Amazon has declined to comment.