Twitter is looking to remodel their business

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has finally decided he wants to revamp twitters service to fight hate, abuse, misinformation, harassment and, scams. In July 2018 Techcrunch reported 'Twitter posts record $100M profit but lose 1M users'. With the users declining the changes may become detrimental to the business. The change will also require a hefty investment. Dorsey says “We often turn to policy to fix a lot of these issues, but I think that is only treating surface-level symptoms that we are seeing". Changing the business model will change the engagement and rewards designed to keep users coming back. 

Nate Elliott, principal at marketing research firm Nineteen Insights said, Twitter doesn't have billions of users to absorb any hits on growth. Even if the changes work, “it's going to cost them so many users and so much money I can't imagine them sticking with these kinds of changes.”

Paul Verna, an analyst with research firm eMarketer, isn't optimistic that Twitter can make its service safer without hurting its business. “Because they rely on an advertising business model, they need to not only continue to reach audiences but try to get them to spend as much time on platforms as possible".


Google to Buy Cloud Firm Apigee for $625m

Photo Credit:  Niharb

Photo Credit: Niharb

Google announced on Thursday that it will acquire the cloud storage firm as part of plans to expand its reach into cloud technology. San Jose-based Apigee provides software to help corporations transitioning to cloud based storage. According to Google Cloud Computing’s Diane Greene "They are a leader in this application programming interface area.” Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and others are competing for a share of the fast-growing corporate cloud computing business. Apigee supports a client base of high profile businesses, Including AT&T, Burberry Group Plc, Vodafone Group Plc and the World Bank. Google’s takeover of the firm will allow them to close the gap on its competitors.



African Startups Head to Silicon Valley for Innovation Tour

The five companies were picked from 30 in the DEMO Africa Lions programme and will travel to California to see how US equivalents are organised. “These companies have a global appeal and have the highest potential to becoming global companies,” said Stephen Ozoigbo, CEO of African Technology Foundation. The 5 startups represent Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The finalists include solar energy firm, Strauss Energy, and Mediabox - a South African company that promises to turn any existing TV into a smart device. The tour lasts for two weeks and aims to build business relationships between the US and Africa.


Silicon Valley Startups Tighten Up to Avoid Crash

Photo Credit:  Patrick Nouhallier

Photo Credit: Patrick Nouhallier

Silicon valley startups appear to have avoided a predicted crash, by streamlining production and cutting unnecessary expenditure. Last year, many investors and tech specialists were convinced that the industry boom of recent times had seen huge gains for startups that could not possibly be maintained and that a crash was imminent. It was thought that startups would over expand and thus eventually crash. Companies responded by making staff cuts, simplifying their product lines and removing staff perks.  “The start-up world did heed the warnings,” said Max Levchin, a former employee and co founder of PayPal.


Microsoft purchases LinkedIn: In bitesize facts

Software giant Microsoft has announced it is buying the professional networking firm LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash, its biggest deal in history.

The facts

  • Microsoft said LinkedIn would retain its name and operate as a separate business unit.

  • LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will also remain with the company.

  • The acquisition adds a big new customer base for Microsoft, which hopes it will boost sales of Microsoft’s business software.

  • The takeover price is set at $196 per share, representing a 50% premium over LinkedIn’s closing price on Friday, 10 June.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a conference call the deal, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, helps the firm in realizing its mission by connecting the world’s professionals.


Berkshire Hathaway Invests $1 Billion In Apple

US multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, run by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has revealed an investment of $1 billion in tech-giant Apple. The equity stake would make the Omaha-based company Apple's 56th largest shareholder. The move comes at a time when shares in the world's most valuable company have fallen nearly 30% over the past year; Warren Buffett is famous for investing in value stocks so the investment comes as no surprise. The market reacted positively to the news for Apple, and its shares rose 3.7% in Monday's trading session, whereas Berkshire Hathaway remained essentially flat, gaining 0.3%.


Upcoming Event: The Golden Bridge Awards

The Golden Bridge Awards is a business awards program recognizing achievements in every industry across the world. Nominations for the diverse categories are being accepted until the final deadline 17 June, but there is also an early-bird deadline expiring 20 May. There are over 60 awards categories, including marketing team of the year; startup of the year; and international business individual of the year. Any for-profit and non-profit organization in the world is eligible to submit entries. Entry fees vary across categories and time periods. The finalists will be announced on 11 July, and the annual awards dinner and ceremony will take place in San Francisco on 12 September.


Upcoming: 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards - Sydney

Global recruitment company Talent has officially launched the 2016 global Talent Unleashed Awards, which will take place in Sydney on 18 August. Iconic entrepreneurs Steve Wozniak and Sir Richard Branson will be part of the judging panel at the exclusive event. The awards have five categories, including Best Start Up, Best Digital SME, and Best Tech IPO. Entries are accepted until 27 May, and the shortlist of finalists will be announced on 20 June. The winners of each category will be awarded a one-on-one session with Steve Wozniak, as well as a trip to Silicon Valley to attend a leading-edge tech conference.


Forbes Under 30 Summit Approaching

With just two weeks left, the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is set to gather some of the greatest young entrepreneurs from America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, representing 20 different sectors. Featured speakers include former Israeli President Shimon Peres, businessman Sir Ronald Cohen, and actress Zosia Mamet. A recurring theme throughout the event is 'Change the World', and the host cities are some of the most entrepreneurial places on Earth, having more startups per capita than anywhere else in the world, including Silicon Valley. Video highlights from previous Forbes Under 30 Summits




The Google crash everyone's talking about :0

Google's Lexus RX450h ran into Mountain View, Calif, transit bus on the 14th of February 2016. The altercation between the car and the bus opened up the discussion for the launch of vehicle-to-external communications (V2X). Google's autonomous vehicles have been involved in a number of minor accidents during the testing period, however these collisions were always caused by a human driver. While the vehicles are intelligent enough to respond to most situations this altercation proves there is a market for V2X.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications could help solve disagreements between two cars from different manufacturers with different software or sensors to ensure they inform their intent to each before proceeding. By 2025 Navigant Research projects up to 80 million new vehicles will be annually equipped with V2X communications capability. This begs the question, should all new cars contain V2X communications from here on out. General Motors is set to launch the software on the 2017 Cadillac CTS, it will be the first automaker to launch V2V. Other automakers including BMW, Honda and Toyota are buoyant on V2X technology. 


Learn a new language for free with Duolingo

Duolingo is a free language app that uses simple modules tohelp its users learn and master over 11 different foreign languages. As users become more and more comfortable with their skill development the interactive modules increase in difficulty. Simple, color-coded activities help leaners target theirlinguistic weaknesses while building vocabulary and polishing their grammar structure.


Facebook messenger for apple watch

As promised, Facebook has upgraded their messenger app to include the apple watch. It is now possible to send voice memos, stickers, and likes from your wrist. In a blend of practicality and functionality, the app allows you compose up to six reply texts that are ready to go when a message comes in.

Apple TV Hits UK Stores

After three years of fierce competition from Roku, Google, and Amazon, the fourth-generation Apple TV has hit the market. The new model comes loaded with a faster processor, an extensive app selection, and—everybody’s favorite AI—Siri. The Apple TV costs $149 for a 32 GB model, or $199 for 64 GB.


Facebook Message Request has been launched

Facebook message request allows users to contact anyone, even if they do not belong to a ‘friends’ list. A Message Request will appear in the inbox with some identifying information about the sender, the request will need to be approved before communication continues. This seemingly small development has been dubbed “fundamental” by Facebook since previous to the Message Request change, messages from strangers could not be seen on mobile devices.


Venture App - The new private network for startups

Tech entrepreneur Chase Garbarino has recently co-founded VentureApp, a private social network for Boston based start-ups, designed to advice one another in business solutions. 100 start-ups and 90 vendors have signed up to the app and paid between $250  - $5,000 dollars to pitch their services. The company plans to expand to New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C and San Francisco. VentureApp has partnered with 19 venture capitalists, raised $2 million from the venture capital firm Accomplice, Boston Seed, Fullstack Ventures and Angel investors.

Garbarino co founded tech media company, Streetwise Media, with Kevin McCarthy and Greg Gomer. Other co founders of the company are Jared Stenquist and Boris Revsin, creators of Dailybreak


Apple update - A fix for the iOS 9 was released last night.

Apple released a fix for the iOS 9 update last night as users were left unsatisfied with the software roll out last week. Some users were unable to download the current version and others faced problems with the alarms, timers and safari browser. iOS 9 has been the first version to be adopted so quickly, with more than 50 percent downloads in the first week. Since the release the company’s shares have gone up by half a percent.

In other news Apple has temporarily delayed the launch of a new operating system for its Apple Watch due to a glitch in the system.


'Buy' buttons now available on Twitter

Twitter has collaborated with San Francisco based payment startup Stripe, to develop ‘Buy’ buttons. A 'Buy' button enables users to sell anything they wish via tweets. On Monday the tech start up also released 'Relay', their new product, designed for retailers and developers to sell products on third party apps using Stripe. The new software will enable customers to purchase items with one click, for an easy in app buying experience. The product is available for developers to install within their apps to ease the buying and selling process. A preview of Twitter's 'buy' buttons are available on the Glasses retailer Warby Parker and ad subscription box service FabFitFun's Twitter pages. The company also powers payments for InstaCart, Lyft, Postmates and TaskRabbit. Stripe was founded in 2010 by Patrick and John Collison, it is valued at approximately $5 billion dollars. 


Google introduces new search tools to its engine

It has never been easier to search for weird and wonderful pieces of information on the internet. Google’s new search tools are every procrastinators dream. The exciting new tools include ‘I’m feeling curious’, for the strangest trivia, "I'm feeling puzzled," for intellectual stimulation and "I'm feeling trendy" for trending topics on the internet. There are also “Google doodles”, for past doodles, "I'm feeling hungry", to discover nearby eateries, "I'm feeling wonderful, to see the many wonders of the world and "I'm feeling artistic", for creative inspiration.” The search engine also provides you with easy access to charitable organisations with "I'm feeling generous”, along with “I'm feeling curious", and "fun facts," for the answers to everything. Chances of seeing the same result twice are very scarce; chances of getting distracted are very strong.

Results when searching for "Random Facts" on Google.

Results when searching for "Random Facts" on Google.