Boston Startups Hiring This September


Brightcove is video platform developer looking for a range of positions , including a benefits manager, content producer, DevOps engineer, video production manager and more.


Boston based, DataDog develops performance monitoring software. They are currently looking for a remote sales representative and engineers. 


Launched in 2012, Draft Kings is the fantasy sports company. They have 51 openings in their financial district headquarters for positions like copywriter, on-camera talent, software engineer and more. 


Drizly is a wine and liquor company delivering beer, wine and liquor in an hour or less to customers. Currently looking to hire a senior DevOps engineer, customer experience representative, account manager, business development representative and inside sales professional.

Hollister Staffing

This Boston-based agency connects professionals with positions in technology, accounting and finance. 


Klaviyo is a social media marketing agency which works with e-commerce brands to increase their brand awareness through email and social media. They have 28 positions ranging from customer success, data science, engineering, finance, marketing and sales.


Pluralsight is a education start up looking for a director of engineering, data scientist and UX Designer.


SimpliSafe is a home security company based in Boston. The are working hard to make home security more affordable and less complicated. Currently looking for marketing, engineering and finance professionals. They are also offering internships to students. 


Is a new technology company for restaurant operations. Their tech combines a number of restaurant operations into one platform and streamlines the service whilst monitoring sales in real time. The company is aiming to fill multiple positions for accountants, engineers, customer success professionals, and more.


Wayfair is the e-commerce platform now world renowned and  one of the city’s fastest growing and most prominent companies. It is looking for  Marketing, finance, engineering and sales professionals to start immediately. 


Brex - The first corporate card for startups

Pedro Franceschi (left) and Henrique Dubugras are the cofounders of Brex. 

Pedro Franceschi (left) and Henrique Dubugras are the cofounders of Brex. 

Brex is the new San Fransisco based startup providing corporate credit cards to startups. The startup has raised a total of $57 million in funding from Peter Thiel, Y Combinator and early Facebook investor Yuri Milner. 



Twitter is looking to remodel their business

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has finally decided he wants to revamp twitters service to fight hate, abuse, misinformation, harassment and, scams. In July 2018 Techcrunch reported 'Twitter posts record $100M profit but lose 1M users'. With the users declining the changes may become detrimental to the business. The change will also require a hefty investment. Dorsey says “We often turn to policy to fix a lot of these issues, but I think that is only treating surface-level symptoms that we are seeing". Changing the business model will change the engagement and rewards designed to keep users coming back. 

Nate Elliott, principal at marketing research firm Nineteen Insights said, Twitter doesn't have billions of users to absorb any hits on growth. Even if the changes work, “it's going to cost them so many users and so much money I can't imagine them sticking with these kinds of changes.”

Paul Verna, an analyst with research firm eMarketer, isn't optimistic that Twitter can make its service safer without hurting its business. “Because they rely on an advertising business model, they need to not only continue to reach audiences but try to get them to spend as much time on platforms as possible".


Apple will contribute over $350 billion into US economy over the next five years

Earlier this year Apple announced that it will be contributing $350 billion into the US economy over the next five years. 

The investments will concentrate on three areas: direct employment by Apple, spending and investment with Apple’s domestic suppliers and manufacturers, and the digital App Store economy.

Ony $75 billion of that total number will come from capital expenditures, new investments in manufacturing, and its repatriation tax payment. The rest of the number is due to normal growth and spending.

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented in the announcement that “We believe deeply in the power of American ingenuity, and we are focusing our investments in areas where we can have a direct impact on job creation and job preparedness. We have a deep sense of responsibility to give back to our country and the people who help make our success possible.”

Google to Buy Cloud Firm Apigee for $625m

Photo Credit:  Niharb

Photo Credit: Niharb

Google announced on Thursday that it will acquire the cloud storage firm as part of plans to expand its reach into cloud technology. San Jose-based Apigee provides software to help corporations transitioning to cloud based storage. According to Google Cloud Computing’s Diane Greene "They are a leader in this application programming interface area.” Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and others are competing for a share of the fast-growing corporate cloud computing business. Apigee supports a client base of high profile businesses, Including AT&T, Burberry Group Plc, Vodafone Group Plc and the World Bank. Google’s takeover of the firm will allow them to close the gap on its competitors.



Volkswagen Engineer Charged over Emissions Scandal

Photo Credit:  Ken Meisch

Photo Credit: Ken Meisch

James Liang pleaded guilty to charges of violating the clean air act and fraud. He is the first of the company’s employees to be formerly charged, as part of the US justice department’s year long probe into Volkswagen’s air pollution scandal, when it was discovered that some of the car manufacturer’s diesel engines were able to circumvent emission tests. Liang’s trial will begin in January and, if convicted, he could face up to 5 years in jail. He joined the firm in 1983, Ironically, Liang’s title was ‘Leader of Diesel Competence’. It is believed that the trial will be the first of many of its kind.


African Startups Head to Silicon Valley for Innovation Tour

The five companies were picked from 30 in the DEMO Africa Lions programme and will travel to California to see how US equivalents are organised. “These companies have a global appeal and have the highest potential to becoming global companies,” said Stephen Ozoigbo, CEO of African Technology Foundation. The 5 startups represent Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The finalists include solar energy firm, Strauss Energy, and Mediabox - a South African company that promises to turn any existing TV into a smart device. The tour lasts for two weeks and aims to build business relationships between the US and Africa.


Tech Giants Want To Alert Users When Authorities Access Their Data

Photo Credit:  Zsoolt

Photo Credit: Zsoolt

Apple, Amazon and Google parent Alphabet, have all backed Microsoft’s legal bid to alert customers when federal agents have requested their digital data. The legal challenge, filed in federal court in Seattle, questions whether it is constitutional for the authorities to prevent firms from alerting users to data snooping. Microsoft also received support from four former U.S. attorneys and a former special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The companies supporting Microsoft have said that they “often compete vigorously with each other,” but they now“speak with one voice because of the singular importance of this case to them and to their customers.”


Apple are Recruiting for New Machine Learning Division

Photo Credit:  iPhoneDigital

Photo Credit: iPhoneDigital

The tech giant is hiring data scientists and app specialists after acquiring machine learning firm Turi earlier this year. It is hoped that machine learning will help to drive improvements in Apple’s AI products, such as its virtual assistant Siri.  They acquired Turi—formerly known as Dato—in a $200m deal and are now looking to expand its previous staff and research by recruiting new specialists. Turi-built software assists with recommendations, fraud protection, sentiment analysis and more. “Turi is the new machine learning division at Apple. We build tools that enable teams across Apple to develop machine learning solutions to power amazingly intelligent user experiences” said a spokesperson for Apple. The new division will be based in Seattle.


Bunzl Buys More Businesses as Profits Soar

Photo Credit:  Investment Zen

Photo Credit: Investment Zen

The distribution firm announced that it has acquired two businesses in Canada, Plus II Sanitation Supplies and Apex Sanitation Products, along with Hungarian business, Silwell Kft. The combine acquisitions are worth £101 million. Bunzl has seen its profits rise by 6% in the first half of 2016. Frank van Zanten, CEO of Bunzl, said: “Going forward, we will focus on further expansion of the group, continuing our investments in IT and digital projects and intensifying the sharing of best practice across our businesses globally.” The firms success has mainly been seen in the USA as operating profits have dropped in the UK.


Silicon Valley Startups Tighten Up to Avoid Crash

Photo Credit:  Patrick Nouhallier

Photo Credit: Patrick Nouhallier

Silicon valley startups appear to have avoided a predicted crash, by streamlining production and cutting unnecessary expenditure. Last year, many investors and tech specialists were convinced that the industry boom of recent times had seen huge gains for startups that could not possibly be maintained and that a crash was imminent. It was thought that startups would over expand and thus eventually crash. Companies responded by making staff cuts, simplifying their product lines and removing staff perks.  “The start-up world did heed the warnings,” said Max Levchin, a former employee and co founder of PayPal.


Natural deodorant company succeeds after Shark Tank dismissal

Young entrepreneurs, Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank late last year, presenting their natural deodorant, PiperWai. The duo received scepticism from Mark Cuban and incredulity by Kevin O’Leary but weathered the storm to be awarded by Barbara Corcoran who offered $50,000 investment for a 25% share due to Edelstein and Ribner’s “enthusiasm, dedication and thoroughness”. Competing within a $4 billion industry where 60% of sales are dominated by Procter & Gamble and Unilever Home & Personal Care, PiperWai has a long battle ahead from its development in Edelstein’s Philadelphia kitchen. However, after the episode aired, PiperWais’ sales jumped to $1.8 million; much more than Corcoran’s predicted $20,000 jump. Today, PiperWai has revenue of approximately $3.5 million. Edelstein and Ribner have plans to cut costs by moving production to a large US manufacturer and developing a stick applicator product, as well as drafting up a full range of natural products.


Appy Pie opens London headquarters

California-based Appy Pie, a leading free cloud based App Builder has opened its headquarters in London with plans to grow demand of mobile apps in Europe. Appy Pie's App Builder gives users the ability to design a professional-looking app without writing any code. By selecting a theme from Appy Pie’s gallery, dragging and dropping desired elements such as text, images, and videos into a template, users are then able to publish their newly created app to Google Play & iTunes App Store. In relation to the new headquarters, Appy Pie founder, Abhinav Girdhar says “"We're excited about continuing growing our global presence by establishing roots in London, one of the most important digital hubs of the world … We see enormous potential here."


YouCollab founder wins at International Startup Festival

Shaun MacLellan is the founder of YouCollab, a startup that connects content creators on Youtube. Originally unsure about attending the Montreal International Startup Festival, MacLellan is now very glad he went as his startup received $35,000 in funding, as well as an invitation to attend the Next 36; a Toronto-based program that provides networking opportunities and mentorship to young entrepreneurs. At only 18 years of age, MacLellan is hoping that this recognition from top-tier investors of his business model, concepts and ideas will help him build his reputation and company’s credibility. Similar to the popular dating app, Tinder, YouCollab users can connect with one another only when both agree to connect. Connections aim to manifest user collaborations and help to build the audiences of content creators.


Vizio acquired by Chinese electronics firm for $2bn

The US television manufacturer, Vizio has been acquired by Chinese electronics firm, LeEco for $2 billion. LeEco may not sound like a familiar name but CEO, Jia Yueting, has made the brand famous due to his rather controversial behaviour, such as calling Apple “outdated”, and the use of Nazi imagery to introduce the company to the smartphone market. The deal, expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year, gives LeEco a strong influence over the US television market as the company continues to drastically expand its business in the consumer electronics sphere.

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Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.83 Billion

Photo Credit:  Mike Mozart

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

Giant telecoms company, Verizon has officially acquired Yahoo’s core business, including advertising, content, search and mobile activities, for $4.83 billion. After acquiring AOL last year, Verizon’s plans are to merge AOL and Yahoo to form a bigger advertising and media subsidiary, enabling it to reach billions of internet and mobile users. 

Verizon aims to be more than just a telecoms company and is gearing up to compete with online advertising gods; Google and Facebook.


Silicon Valley startup adopts fasting into its company culture

Photo Credit:  dierk schaefer

Photo Credit: dierk schaefer

Nootrobox is a Silicon Valley-based startup which sells ‘nootropics’ or FDA-approved brain enhancement supplements that optimise concentration, memory, ideas and brain function, also known as ‘bio-hacking’. CEO, Geoffrey Woo spoke with the Daily Mail about a weekly ritual in the company where all employees fast for 36 hours, starting on Monday night through to Wednesday morning. “Fasting is what I imagine a monk would feel like, where your mind is disconnected from the body, less constrained. There’s clarity, calmness, and productivity,” Woo told Fortune. During fasting, employees are allowed to drink coffee, tea and water, and on Wednesday morning, they all go out for a big breakfast feast. 


Maine entrepreneurs produce unique eyewear range

John Turner and Daniel Dougherty founded Traps Eyewear after Turner was inspired by the weathered wood of a washed up, old-school lobster trap. With Turner’s acquired knowledge after designing a small line of T-shirts and duffel bags, combined with Dougherty’s connections to the New York fashion industry, the duo put in $30,000 each, bought 250 handmade wooden traps and began making prototypes of the Wayfarer-style sunglasses. Traps Eyewear started selling last August and is now looking to expand into other forms of high-end retail, including wood and brass cuff links. 


Silicon Valley seeks attributes of Special Forces veterans

Photo Credit:  David

Photo Credit: David

Instead of getting jobs in private security firms or law enforcement agencies, the Special Forces veterans of today are going in search for work in Silicon Valley, and the tech companies are thrilled. The skills acquired during their training, including the ability to build a team and think outside of the box, are making veterans a very desirable employee for innovative tech businesses. Military veterans are filling a gap in leadership skills for many companies, especially startups that have formed around an idea but have little discipline or structure. Various organisations are now setup to groom veterans for these kinds of jobs including The Honor Foundation, which helped 32 year old former Navy SEAL, Keith David, at Anki in San Francisco. It is estimated that over 100 veterans have acquired jobs in Silicon Valley within the last year, and that number is believed to continue to climb.